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Gypsy Jazz Guitar Lessons Available One To One Or Skype Session

Updated: Aug 23, 2019

UK guitarist Jonny Hepbir teaches Gypsy jazz in person or by Skype.

Jonny Hepbir Solo Gypsy Jazz Guitar

Want to learn how to play the guitar in the style of Django Reinhardt? Gypsy Jazz guitar has it’s roots in a dynamic plectrum technique that can help players achieve mastery of the instrument.

The other aspect of the style that is appealing for many guitarists is that it’s a good in-road to understanding jazz concepts as the theory involved is very easy to digest.

Both chord voicing harmony and improvisation through arpeggios/scales are essential for the Gypsy Jazz guitarist but the system used is a great tool for further learning especially combined with ear-training over time.

I have been teaching #Gypsyjazz guitar for many years, to all ages and abilities. My experience comes from first-hand playing situations with many of the leading Gypsy players in Europe including Bireli Lagrene, Stochelo Rosenberg, Lulu Reinhardt, Paulus Schafer, Feigeli Prisor and many other fab players over the years.

Also from being in many successful UK Gypsy Jazz groups, my current long-time group the JONNY HEPBIR TRIO has a large Youtube following, you can see our popular videos HERE.

A few years ago I made a short video demonstrating some of the many techniques used in Gypsy Jazz, here it is below.

Please feel free to contact me by phone or email, details below, to discuss your requirements for Gypsy Jazz. I offer one to one tuition with a range of pricing options and for those further afield, I have been giving Skype sessions for quite a few years too.

This year I shall be performing/tutoring at the excellent March Manouche Gypsy Jazz Festival, Anglesey in Wales 23rd-25th March.

To finish this post off, here’s a video of me playing the classic tune Django’s Tiger at a jam session in Holland in 2013 with Gypsy masters Paulus Schafer, Feigeli Prisor and Dutch master Rino Van Hooijdonk.

JONNY HEPBIR is available to hire for weddings, private parties, corporate functions and public events throughout the UK and abroad.

His enviable client list includes the likes of Sir Paul McCartney, Sir Terence Conran, Roman Abramovich and Kool & The Gang and he has played at venues and events from The Ritz to Paris and Morocco. Click HERE to read letters from past clients.

To hire Jonny Hepbir for your event, please call +44 (0)7712 332967 or email

Jonny can also be hired with his Duo, Trio, Quartet (with or without vocals) and Quintet. Please click HERE for more information.



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