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Band Hire For A Wedding In Tunbridge Wells In 2020 | Jonny Hepbir Jazz Band

Jonny Hepbir Jazz Band
Jonny Hepbir Jazz Band

Have you got to choose the music for your wedding in 2020?

Want something a bit different but don't know where to start?

With the JONNY HEPBIR JAZZ BAND we've got a few different options to cater for everyones taste.

Why not have a look at our different band line-ups and see which would suit your big day!

Because you've come direct to the musicians, we can offer cheaper deals than a music agency because there is no commission on top!

Consider SOLO SWING JAZZ GUITAR it's perfect for wedding receptions and wedding breakfasts. Great for events, parties and celebrations where a subtle background atmosphere is required but still get that groovy Parisian style rhythm. This is a great option that won't dent the budget.

The JONNY HEPBIR DUO is ideal is a fabulous alternative to regular wedding day music duos. Available as either two swing guitars, guitar and double bass, guitar and accordion, guitar and violin or guitar and saxophone/clarinet. The choice is yours!

The JONNY HEPBIR JAZZ BAND is available as a trio, quartet or quintet and fantastic for reception, wedding breakfast or evening dancing.

As with all the line-ups, instrument choice is up to you, the client. Different musical elements, as seen in our videos, can be mixed and matched.

It means you start off with guitar and double bass to hold down the rhythm section but then you can add the other instruments to your own personal preference.

Choose from female vocals, second guitar, violin, accordion or saxophone/clarinet.

With the trio add one, quartet add two, quintet (as our biggest band option we advise to have the rhythm section as two guitars and double bass especially if evening/dancing).

With an enviable CLIENT LIST and testimonials, you are assured of top class music and professionalism from the Jonny Hepbir Jazz Band.

"You guys are good... really good!"

Sir Paul McCartney - Private Christmas Party

To check availability, prices and to discuss your requirements, drop us a line at or call 07712 332 967.

Here's a taster with the JONNY HEPBIR JAZZ QUINTET playing the French classic 'C'est Magnifique'.



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