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Gypsy Jazz Rhythm Guitar La Pompe Free Lesson | Learn To Play Django Reinhardt Style Gypsy Jazz Guitar | Gypsy Jazz Guitar Lessons In Kent | Loulou Swing Live In Whitstable Sunday 11th March

GYPSY JAZZ GUITAR LESSONS IN KENT. Learn to play Django Reinhardt style swing guitar one-to-one, online and workshops.

Novice through to advanced, all aspects covered.

Here's a video where I demonstrate Gypsy Jazz rhythm guitar or 'La Pompe' as it's known.

I'm using the main chord sequence for the jazz standard 'What Is This Thing Called Love'. Very popular with Gypsy Jazz musicians.

I play round the whole sequence once (AABA) for to four different tempos.

I've tried to keep the chords as simple as possible to concentrate on the rhythm consistency. There are many chord variations/substitutions that can be used in the tune.

The chord sequence is:

'A' Section.

Gmin7b5 - one bar, C7 - one bar, Fmin - two bars, Dmin7b5 - one bar,

G7 - one bar, C6/9 - two bars.

'B' Section.

F9 - two bars, Bb - two bars, Ab7 - two bars, G7 - two bars.

I'm hearing the metronome click on the '2' & '4' to demonstrate a swing feel.

The only version with any slight rhythmical accents or 'stabs' is the medium one. The others are played straight with no accents to demonstrate a consistent left/right hand rhythm.

I'm also comping 4 to the bar with my chord hand on every version.

There are quite a few variations of 'La Pompe' out there but this is generally how I play if accompanying a soloist in a regular Gypsy Jazz duo/trio setting.

1. Slow - good for learning Gypsy Jazz rhythm and encouraging an even feel.

2. Medium - a bit more pumpy and encouraging a consistent swing feel.

3. Fast - pushing the tempo up but keeping everything even.

4. Faster - more demanding for both hands but a good tester for consistent rhythm accents.

All the versions are good to play along with if you're new to this style of rhythm or for practicing 'stabs'/accents over if you're getting into that aspect of Gypsy Jazz rhythm.

As with all my Free Gypsy Jazz Bites video lessons, the phrases/rhythms can be used in different contexts over songs played in a Gypsy Jazz style.

For more information, please click HERE for my tuition page.

For all enquiries please email: or call 07712 332 967

Here's a video where I'm playing 'Django's Tiger' with Paulus Schafer, Feigeli Prisor and Rino Van Hooijdonk in Holland.

This coming Sunday 11th February from 4pm, I'll be appearing with Loulou Swing at Fable & Green 67 Oxford Street in Whitstable, Kent.

Come on down for Swing Jazz with a Gypsy Jazz vibe!

Loulou Swing Duo at Fable & Green in Whitstable, Kent from 4pm | Book Loulou Swing Duo, Trio, Quartet or Quintet for any Event


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