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West Sussex Jazz Band Hire | Jonny Hepbir Quintet At A Birthday Party Celebration In Midhurst

Updated: Nov 15, 2019

Have you got a party or wedding coming up?

Are you looking for some fabulous live music that's a bit different for your Birthday party or Anniversary celebration?

The JONNY HEPBIR QUINTET have been playing foot-tapping, vintage swing jazz for happy clients and their guests at private events for years.

Whether you're after a band for a cool background atmosphere or something more up front for dancing, we can easily cater to your specifications.

Please click on the video above to hear the Quintet with accordion and female vocals play the French classic 'C'est Magnifique' with our timeless 1930's/1940's vibe.

Here's a throwback to a booking in Midhurst near Chichester for a great 50th Birthday party recently. Our client Rob opted for the swinging sounds of the Jonny Hepbir Quintet with accordion and saxophone to get his party started. The espresso martinis helped too!

Jonny Hepbir Quintet at a 50th Birthday Party in Midhurst, West Sussex
Jonny Hepbir Quintet at a 50th Birthday Party in Midhurst, West Sussex

Underpinning the band is the rhythm section of two Parisian-style acoustic swing guitars and throbbing double bass. The next two instrument choices are up to you, the client!

You can choose two from violin, clarinet/saxophone, accordion and female vocals.

If space is an issue at your venue or there are budget restrictions, you can also hire us as a Duo, Trio or Quartet. Each lineup has great interchangeable instrument choices.

For instance with a Duo you can choose from two guitars, guitar and bass or guitar with violin, saxophone/clarinet or accordion.

For the Trio, our most popular line-up is two guitars and double bass but it's no problem to swap either a guitar or the bass for violin, saxophone/clarinet, accordion or female vocals.

You can check out the Jonny Hepbir Trio and Quartet options HERE.

You might even prefer a SOLO GYPSY JAZZ GUITARIST, perfect for a background ambiance but still with that fabulous swing guitar feel.

If you're interested in live music for a Wedding there are package deals on offer with either solo, duo or trio options as background music earlier in the day and the full band, Quartet or Quintet in the evening.

To talk about your requirement for your event or to check availability and prices, please drop us a line at or call 07712 332 967.

You're guaranteed a courteous, professional service through every step of the hiring process.

Read what some of our clients have to say about us HERE

Here's the Jonny Hepbir Quintet with smooth saxophone and female vocals playing 'I'll You In My Dreams'.



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