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Sussex Jazz Band Hire | Jonny Hepbir Quartet

Jonny Hepbir Gypsy Jazz Quartet
Jonny Hepbir Gypsy Jazz Quartet

Planning a wedding or celebration? Maybe an anniversary or birthday party?

Then we have just the right band line-ups for your special event!

With the JONNY HEPBIR GYPSY JAZZ QUARTET you can rest assured that from the moment the band start, we'll create the perfect atmosphere to get all your guests in the party mood.

Our instrumental quartet features the classic 'Hot Club Of France' all-strings rhythm backbone of two guitars and double bass. The driving sound of the swing guitars with the hypnotic bass grooves is easily a perfect substitute for drums and takes up less space!

Add on your choice of a solo/melody instrument and you have top-class outfit ready to help you party the night or day away.

You can choose between violin, accordion, saxophone/clarinet or female vocals to complete the quartet. Each instrument brings its own special style to the mix.

Click HERE for more information and to see the various line-ups in action

Whether laid back and background or more up-front for dancing, the Jonny Hepbir Quartet are the band for your event or function.

"You guys are good... really good!"

Sir Paul McCartney - Private Christmas Party

To check availability, prices and to discuss your requirements, please drop us a line at

Here's a video of our quartet with stunning accordion playing 'Joseph Joseph'



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