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Larry Coryell For Django Reinhardt Gypsy Jazz Guitar | Hire Gypsy jazz For A Public Or Private Event

The video above is the last of three diverse tunes I worked on and recorded during the Christmas lockdown last year here in Kent.

Waltz No.6 by Larry Coryell.

This is a relatively obscure yet wonderful composition by legendary jazz fusion pioneer Larry Coryell.

Originally released as a guitar duo with Brian Keane in 1983 and later the same year as a trio with violinist Michael Urbaniak & bassist Jesper Lundgaard.

The only other version I know of is a live video duo version with Michael Urbaniak recorded on November 29th 1982 in Ottawa, Canada.

When I first got interested in playing more progressive tunes/styles on acoustic guitar at 18yrs, this beautiful composition, the version with the fabulous Brian Keane specifically, was an absolute rock through those early study days. This and a couple of instrumentals by other artists, inspired me enough to keep on the guitar path when lots of non-music/life situations were trying to push me off it.

I started playing/studying Django/Gypsy Jazz guitar obsessively almost 12 years later but this piece has been close to me through most of my life. When I came across by chance, the video of the live duo version about a year or so ago, I was blown away. It was quite emotional to actually see Larry playing his own tune after all this time. His accompaniment is astounding, full of fire & passion.

I only transcribed the top & tail about 3 years ago when I heard Larry had sadly passed. I'd love to record a trio version on an album one day. It's very tricky to play/improvise over with a deceptively easy sounding melody riding over the top. I really love the 'classical' overtones saturating the piece, a symphony in miniature.

The melody alone evokes a certain seasonal quality in my mind. I guess because I listened to it loads in December 1984 when it really 'spoke' to me.

Waltz No.6 was recorded during a session on April 18th and 19th 1981 for the 'At The Airport' Duo album with Brian Keane but not released till 1983.

It's a total hommage to Larry and Brian's version and hopefully, the spirit of the tune. There's a few nods throughout to the original & live versions. For Larry purists, if it comes across a bit Django-esque in places, I'm afraid it's all I've been doing for nearly 30 years. The only tenuous connections to Gypsy jazz I can think of is that like 'Minor Swing', the first melody is different than the last and I'm playing it on my Vit Cach Selmer style guitar.

Thanks for listening!

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If you haven't seen/heard my second lockdown study tune, here it is below. 'Armando's Rhumba' by Chick Corea.


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