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Jonny Hepbir Gypsy Jazz At Fez Margate Wednesday 8th February | Free Gypsy Jazz Guitar Lessons

This coming Wednesday 8th February from 7.30pm I'll be playing a cheeky midweeker at fabulous Fez micro pub at 40 High Street in Margate, Kent.

Come on down for groovy swing guitar tunes in the style of Django Reinhardt, cool atmosphere and great drinks!

In case you haven't seen it, I recently released the first of my next batch of FREE GYPSY JAZZ BITES videos.

This one is Gypsy Jazz Bites 7 – A very easy eight note phrase that's good for working on picking, stamina and accent shifts over a '5-1' sequence of four bars of C7 & then four bars of F.

It's really good for working on your picking, stamina and syncopation. There's a full breakdown on this short, bite-sized lesson. No talking for ages, just straight down to the playing. All the explanation/breakdown of the lesson is on the drop down below the video, on my previous blog and the link above.

These mini lessons contain different techniques for improving left/right hand co-ordination whether you're a beginner or more advanced player.

Here's the video.

Gypsy Jazz guitar lessons available one-to-one, online and workshops.

For more information, please click HERE for my tuition page.

For all enquiries please email:

For Jonny Hepbir Gypsy Jazz Band Hire - Live Swing Jazz for any occasion - Solo, Duo, Trio, Quartet & Quintet please click HERE

Watch the band in action at


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