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Hire A Gypsy Jazz Band In West Sussex | Jonny Hepbir Trio

Do you have a special occasion coming up in 2020?

Looking for some live music for a Wedding?

The JONNY HEPBIR GYPSY JAZZ TRIO are an experienced, professional band with a vintage sound that's been keeping people entertained at Private and Public Events of all types for nearly fifteen years.

Specialising in the infectious music associated with the legendary Hot Club Of France from the 1930's and 1940's, the Jonny Hepbir Trio are perfect for Weddings, Parties, Corporate Events, Anniversary and Birthday Celebrations, Retro or Vintage style Events and pretty much every type of function you can think of.

There's no need for drums with our classic all-strings line-up of two guitars and double bass. The rhythm is covered nicely by the guitars and easily still keeping the groove.

Click the video at the top to hear us play 'Brazil' a favourite at all our bookings.

Jonny Hepbir Gypsy Jazz Trio
Jonny Hepbir Gypsy Jazz Trio

Whether it's for a small gathering or a large celebration, we've got it covered. If it's a background ambiance you're after or something more up front for dancing, we can tailor the music to fit perfectly with your requirements.

If you're after an instrument swap with the Trio, no problem! You can substitute a guitar or the bass for violin, clarinet/saxophone, accordion or female vocals.

Want something a bit smaller? You can also hire the band as a Duo or even a Solo Gypsy Jazz Guitarist.

Perhaps you're after a bigger band? Check out the Quartet and Quintet options HERE.

As with all the band line-up options, instrumentation can be tailored to your specifications.

Hiring the Jonny Hepbir Trio won't break the bank either! No hidden costs and no commission fees as you've come directly to the musicians themselves.

"You guys are good... really good!"

Sir Paul McCartney - Private Party

To check the Jonny Hepbir Gypsy Jazz Trio availability, options, prices and to discuss your requirements, please drop us a line at or call 07712 332 967.

With an enviable client list and first-rate testimonials, you can be assured of a courteous, professional service through every step of the hiring process.

Read what our clients have to say about us HERE.

Here's the Trio with 'Dinette' from our popular Youtube Channel.



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