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Gypsy Jazz Guitar Lessons In Kent | Jonny Hepbir Teaches Gypsy Jazz Guitar

Updated: Feb 20

Gypsy Jazz Guitar Lessons in Kent | Learn to play Django Reinhardt style swing guitar with Jonny Hepbir

Want to start playing Gypsy Jazz Guitar?

Always wanted to have a go but don't know where to start?

Problems with La Pompe? Not happy with your Gypsy Picking Technique?

Want to learn to improvise and be comfortable soloing over slow, medium and fast tunes?

Then you've come to the right place!

I can help with all your Gypsy Jazz requirements.

Come and have fun learning, playing and jamming with me, Jonny Hepbir.

With almost 25 years playing and teaching as a professional Gypsy Jazz guitarist, I cover all aspects of Django-style.

I've been fortunate myself over the years, to have learnt from playing and jamming with many incredible Gypsy guitarists in Germany, Holland and France including Bireli Lagrene, Lulu Reinhardt, Paulus Schafer, Stochelo Rosenberg, Feigeli Prisor, Ducato Piotrowski and many more.

Whether it's focusing on your rhythm so it sounds more authentic, looking at advanced soloing concepts or improving your 'feel' for the Jazz Manouche genre, I'm sure I have something to help you with your playing.

For many years I've helped beginner, intermediate and advanced players get their head and hands round the myriad disciplines associated with Gypsy Swing guitar.

Even though there's a lot of subject material on the internet (some of it good, some of it not so good), there's nothing quite like actually having someone who's experienced, explain and demonstrate the techniques in person.

I teach from my home in Margate in Kent and offer by the hour sessions, all-day sessions, workshops and Skype lessons too.

If you'd like to learn more and discuss your requirements, please drop me a line at or call 07712 332 967 I'm always happy to talk about Gypsy Jazz!

If you'd like to see my teaching page, short demo videos and read a couple of testimonials from past students, please click HERE

Here's a short video of me playing 'All Of Me' with my friend and master Gypsy guitarist, Ducato.

If you'd like to see more videos of me jamming with some of the greats, please click GYPSY JAZZ JAMS

I also run an informal 'jam' night once a month called Kent Django Jam on a Tuesday at 8pm in Shatterling just outside Canterbury in Kent. The venue is The Frog & Orange pub.

All abilities and acoustic instruments welcome! It's been going for over 3 years, the emphasis is on having fun and playing lots of Django/Gypsy Jazz classics. It's a good place to learn to play with others if you're not used to it. Everyone is really friendly and helpful, no egos allowed!

I always try and push the 'fun' side of things by coming up with a light-hearted poster every month, here's the one for September.

Kent Django Jam

Check out when the next Djam is on our social media and come on down!



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