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Free Gypsy Jazz Guitar Lessons With Jonny Hepbir | Gypsy Jazz Bites 3

Gypsy Jazz Bites - Free Django Reinhardt Style Guitar Mini Lessons with JONNY HEPBIR.

These mini lessons contain different techniques for improving left/right hand co-ordination whether you're a beginner or more advanced player.

I've recorded a series of these free lessons which I'll be releasing over the next few months, the video above is the third one.

Gypsy Jazz Bites 3 - Classic Gypsy Jazz phrase over a minor blues.

In the first part I'm demonstrating the whole phrase in context over a Django style 12 bar minor blues in the key of G minor, based on the basic chord sequence using G minor, C minor and D7.

It consists of two minor arpeggios, G minor and C minor linked with a small diminished arpeggio suggesting a G7 followed by a diminished arpeggio run down over the D7 with resolving arpeggios at the end.

In the second part I play the phrase very slowly so the notes/positioning/picking can be worked out.

The third and fourth parts are faster speeds to practice over, finishing with the original clip when up to speed.

These are great arpeggios for improving picking and the diminished run triplet accents switch between 2 and 1 note per string.

As with all the Gypsy Jazz Bites videos, the phrases/rhythms can be used in different contexts over songs played in a Gypsy Jazz style.

Gypsy Jazz guitar lessons available one-to-one, online and workshops.

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