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Chick Corea For Django Reinhardt Gypsy Jazz Guitar | Hire Jonny Hepbir For A Public Or Private Event

JONNY HEPBIR SOLO GYPSY JAZZ GUITARIST is available to hire for all types of events, special occasions, weddings, parties and celebrations.

Cool swing guitar in the infectious rhythm style of Django Reinhardt & The Hot Club Of France is a perfect accompaniment for gatherings of every nature no matter how small or large, private or public.

There's also swinging Jazz bands available to hire. There's my Duo, Trio, Quartet and Quintet with a variety of instrumentation available to complete your ideal musical line-up.

Why not head on over to my BAND HIRE page to see what's available?

The video above is the second of three diverse tunes I worked on and recorded during the last lockdown here in Kent.

One of my favourite tunes to play is 'Armando's Rhumba' by the renowned American jazz musician, pianist and composer, Chick Corea.

Chick sadly passed away earlier this year but his incredible backlog of work will definitely live on. This tune I believe, was written originally for his father and first featured on the album 'My Spanish Heart'.

I've been playing this composition with the JONNY HEPBIR TRIO for over fifteen years now and we've always pretty much played it like Chick's original version. There's even a version I recorded with my very first embryonic, Gypsy Jazz influenced band, Club Rouge, back in 1994!

For this version I opted for an arrangement/feel similar to the one recorded in the 90's by seminal Dutch Gypsy Jazz group, The Rosenberg Trio.

I always loved the more straight ahead Gypsy rhumba style vibe they gave it since I first heard it back then. It suited the Gypsy Jazz style guitar sound really well to my ears. The only puzzling thing about that version was they didn't include Chick's 'tag' melody. There is also an extended intro before they rip into the main event.

For my take on it, I've taken the Gypsy Jazz Latin 'feel' with a main intro/outro inspired by theirs, Chick's melodies and 'tag' mixed up with my solo section improvisations.

I hope you enjoy it!

For enquiries regarding Jonny Hepbir Solo Guitar, Duo, Trio, Quartet & Quintet or Gypsy Jazz guitar lessons, please email: or call 07712 332 967.

If you haven't seen/heard the first lockdown study tune, here it is below. My arrangement of Beethoven's Symphony No 7 theme for Gypsy Jazz guitar.


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