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London Gypsy Jazz Band Hire | Parisian Swing Band

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

Looking for the ideal band for your Wedding Reception or Special Occasion?

Cool sounds needed for a Corporate Event?

Got an Anniversary or Birthday Party coming up?

The PARISIAN SWING BAND can provide top class swing jazz entertainment for any type of function or event imaginable.

Specialising in the infectious rhythms and melodies associated with Continental-style Gypsy Jazz, the Parisian Swing Band can really help get the party started!

With years of experience playing for clients and venues all over London, our band-line ups have something for every situation.

Parisian Swing Band
Parisian Swing Band

It's possible to hire us as a chilled Guitar Duo for background ambiance at a private event or why not add double bass to make up a Trio for a fuller sound?

Here's a picture of the PARISIAN SWING TRIO with two guitars and double bass during a Corporate booking for a Wimbledon Tennis Event in London during the Summer.

Parisian Swing Trio At A Corporate Event For Wimbledon Tennis In London
Parisian Swing Trio

The full Quartet features fabulous Vintage style female vocals but can also be hired as a completely instrumental band with a choice of violin, accordion, clarinet or saxophone as the fourth member.

Because you've come to the band themselves there are no commission fees on top so we guarantee value for money on all bookings whether it's for a wedding, corporate event, private function, anniversary party or any public event.

Please email: to discuss your requirements and band availability.

Here's a video of the Parisian Swing Duo playing the 'All Of Me' in the classic Django Reinhardt style.



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