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Free Gypsy Jazz Guitar Lessons With Jonny Hepbir | Gypsy Jazz Bites 4

Gypsy Jazz Bites - Free Django Reinhardt Style Guitar Mini Lessons with JONNY HEPBIR.

These mini lessons contain different techniques for improving left/right hand co-ordination whether you're a beginner or more advanced player.

I've recorded a series of these free lessons which I'll be releasing over the next few months, the video above is the fourth one.

Gypsy Jazz Bites 4 - Rhythmical Arpeggios.

This is a technique that can be used for playing over whole chord sequences.

In the first part I'm demonstrating the arpeggio technique in context over a tune.

In the second part I play the technique slowly using over a standard 'Bb' triad (Bb - D - F) from the 8th fret demonstrating the fingering and picking I use.

As with all the Gypsy Jazz Bites videos, the phrases/rhythms can be used in different contexts over songs played in a Gypsy Jazz style.

Gypsy Jazz guitar lessons available one-to-one, online and workshops.

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